Beauty Premium

Spring is about fresh starts and paying attention to your looks. No matter what you do or who you are - your success at the end of the day depends upon what others think of you. Your looks will affect your success and the hairstyle that you choose will reflect your image since your hair is one of the most important pieces of the human body which, to an extent, reflects your personality. A simple point to remember is "why settle on an ordinary hairstyle when you can easily amplify your appearance with a trendy, sophisticated look". This fact applies to both men and women. A consultation with an experienced stylist is a good first step since they have knowledge of styles that will work best with your hair type and facial shape.

Top economists have long contended that a "beauty premium" exists in this country and the notion that beautiful people do better in nearly every aspect of their lives and all of this is happening against a backdrop of more women in the workplace, in all kinds of jobs and striving towards equality says Harvard psychologist Nancy Etcoff.

This quest for image is an important piece of the puzzle in today's society and it's been going on for centuries, so take that extra step, broaden your perspective and improve your self-esteem by looking and being your best.

Doug is the Educational Chairman for the PABCA and will be bringing members tips, tricks, and advice for all aspects of the salon with a monthly article.

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