Our Hair as We Age

Do you ever wonder what happens to your hair as you get older? About 91% of healthy hair is composed of a protein called Keratin and the production of Keratin decreases as our age increases which can cause hair to become brittle, limp, thin, with less shine and not to mention turning gray. Scientists tell us that in time, everyone's hair will turn gray and our chances of going gray increase 10-20% every decade after 30 years. Some of the contributing factors of this process that we can control are pollutants, climate, toxins, chemical exposure and stress to the hair. This process can occur at different rates according to Dr. Desmond Tobin, professor of cell biology from the University of Bradford in England. He goes on to say that this is still a mystery to modern science so treat your hair with respect, be gentle with it and use a good shampoo and conditioner because our hair serves us with a valuable biological purpose to both keep our head warm in winter and to help regulate our body temperature throughout the year.

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