How To Have "Hollywood" Hair

Have you ever wondered how the hair is so very shiny and full on other people? Especially those on television? It has to do with basic hair maintenance and your everyday hair routine. If your hair is heavily damaged or split, you can bring it back to life with a simple hair mask which is a bit more intense than a conditioner, containing more oils and nourishing humectants helping to fortify and add softness to your hair. You can also work a bit of oil into your hair as a leave-in conditioner, a detangler or a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. Some oils are heavier and more intense than others so get some advice from your Stylist for the type best suited for your hair. Oil is best used on your hair along with water because it is the oil that helps hair retain water for both shine and bounce.

The technique of brushing can also affect your hair's appearance. Hair is most vulnerable to damage when it is wet so if you want to brush your hair after showering, first comb through it with a wide-toothed comb to gently loosen it, or you can simply use your fingers to remove the tangles and direct hair into place before brushing. As the old story goes "the least amount of stress you apply to your hair, the better it is for your hair" which means that your hair can grow longer, have it healthier and with more shine like those people on television.

Doug is the Educational Chairman for the PABCA and will be bringing members tips, tricks, and advice for all aspects of the salon with a monthly article.

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