So you want to grow out your hair!

This will most likely involve a struggle along with lots of patience. It can start with not going to the salon for a month or two but eventually you will need to get the ends trimmed about every eight to nine weeks to ensure that they remain healthy. Let's begin with most important factor- your diet. According to dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD you need to have enough protein in the diet, along with certain vitamins and minerals. You need to be gentle with your hair by not brushing when wet, shampoo less often and condition more often. Do not use the same hair products over and over as they can tend to build up on the hair. Air drying is best since many types of heat appliances can lead to damage. Find ways to lower your stress level which can alter your hair growth cycle says research from the American Academy of Dermatology and finally, use a cold rinse in the shower to close the hair cuticle, seal your hair and help to prevent further damage. This will be a process but remember that we all need a change at some point and your hair is a good place to start.

Doug is the Educational Chairman for the PABCA and will be bringing members tips, tricks, and advice for all aspects of the salon with a monthly article.

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