What is healthy hair?

What is healthy hair? Some say that the amount of shine in the hair emulates the condition of the hair, but that may not be necessarily true. You see that on the average, a strand of hair has an oval shape with one side being mostly flat and this flat side can reflect light which can naturally give the hair strand shine. So let's take an honest look at the condition of our hair. If the hair is damaged in any way, it has no shine can quite often means that the hair lacks moisture. There are many causes of hair damage and one of the biggest is the water that you use for shampooing. Hot water is not your friend! Be sure to wash with warm water and rinse with cool or possibly cold water for a smooth and shiny finish. Carefully select your shampoo and conditioner looking for natural oil or herb shampoos and conditioners with moisturizers and proteins. Try not to shampoo too frequently as this can strip your hair of your body's natural and protective oil making the hair seem dry and brittle. Exposure to the outside elements like the sun, the hot and the cold, your personal diet and the amount of sleep that you get can also affect the condition of your hair. Know that there is no instant gratification to healthy hair. It is a battle every day that requires some basic hair education, patience and time. Check with a professional to get a regimen that will best suit you for your healthy hair.

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