The Right Look for You

This time of year is a terrific time to either grow your hair out to a longer style or get it cut into a shorter, more sophisticated look. You can be super active on the internet searching for that special look but remember, what you see in a photograph may not necessarily be your best option for a change. You see, not all hair is the same and no one has the same facial features or bone structure. Foreheads, cheekbones and jawlines are all similar in both shape and size but when all put together in one profile, they can appear to be much different. You first need to determine your general face shape and then narrow it down even more by asking yourself questions like - "What are my best features?" or "What stands out on my face?" or "What do I want to cover up?". Other questions like "Do I wear glasses?" are also important.

You need to ask yourself these questions when you want a hairstyle change, plus it's best to get professional advice on this because your own personal judgment may sometimes be clouded. So be strong and take that first step in getting prepared for a new look for the new season.

Doug is the Educational Chairman for the PABCA and will be bringing members tips, tricks, and advice for all aspects of the salon with a monthly article.

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