Is It Time to Stop Having Long Hair?

As we age, our bodies change which brings up the question that women often ask their hairdresser - what is the time to stop having long hair? There is no exact time but according to a British Survey that polled over 2000 women, it was determined that hair tends to lack both volume and shine as we advance in age and there comes a time when a girl should simply get her hair cut shorter to keep it looking healthy. This is by no means scientific but rather about how we perceive ourselves in society today. I am not saying that all women should get their hair cut, but rather to recognize that a change is necessary. It is a fact that a short haircut works well with any type of hair, can help bring out your facial features and boost your self-confidence. It is not an easy decision to make, but with some professional guidance to assist you with different styling choices, you should be able to find a cut that will rock with both your face shape and type of hair.

So take a good look in the mirror and ask it time to stop the clock and bring back that youthful glow?

Doug is the Educational Chairman for the PABCA and will be bringing members tips, tricks, and advice for all aspects of the salon with a monthly article.

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